Its been a while!

Hello Hello

well its been a while eh? well I’ve been crazy busy getting bones finished, we’ve got some great interviews. PixelH8, V/vm, Robin Porter from Immigrant Records who’s also doing the first Audio Podcast, Hak from the NKA talking about being gay and painting trains, the Intrud3rs urban explorers from Paris… God there’s so much in fact its 70 odd pages long. The First video artist is Studio Seen from up north. iTunes told us that we’re included in the podcast directory, cool!

On a personal, i stop working in the hell hole i was at over a month ago! man was it bad! but in a classic shot in the foot I’m now ‘in between jobs’ and man it totally sucks. so if you need a happy designer/art director/jack of all trades drop me a line! because i totally need to buy the new hunting jacket from FUCT, its going to come with hunting orange embroidery, cool! I’m getting much better at meditating and lucid dreaming!

Anyway, enjoy the ad I made for Bones and its out at the end of the week!!


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