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Harry Potter, St. Augustine, and the Confrontation with Evil

Yo, what a bad ass weekend, i’m sun-burnt and back from the wonderful city of Cannes. I’ll put some pics up later! but anyway, check out the video lecture by Jean Bethke Elshtain, its pretty good and from Google Tech Talks.

Watch it!


Bones Magazine – The Hardcore Issue – Submission Brief

Well after a month of being published, we’re happy to announce we’ve started working on the winter issue of Bones Magazine. We’ve been subscribed to nearly 3000 in less than a month, with minimal marketing. As our friend Ralf from Mobilee Records would say ‘Super Cool’. Anyway here’s the brief for the next issue.

* Issue 2

The theme is HARDCORE.

Deadline October 31st 2007.


We’re looking for Illustrations, Graphic Design, Writers, Features, Hax0r, Musician, Girls, Boys, Makers, Video Artists, Producers… Everyone from everywhere.

Get in touch if you have any ideas, we’re always up for a cup of tea and a chat. We’re planning a hardcopy of Bones to go with the Hardcore issue, there’ll be more information through the Bonesvine.

If you haven’t already, then subscribe to bones, its free and we’re going to be sending out some subscribers only gifts and that way we can keep in touch with you!

The Hardcore Issue Brief

Bones Magazine x The Bear

The 1986, originally uploaded by Bones Magazine.


Well firstly, we’ve got to say thanks! to everyone whose been downloading Bones, and for all the feedback. A lot of people have subscribed, through our feed and on iTunes. So we thought that as subscribers you should be getting all the benefits of a normal magazine subscribetion. First up will be a CD’s worth of MP3’s. A lot of messed up music, from all over! More detail will follow.

As a taster of the forth coming MP3 which will only be available through subscribing to Bones Magazine, we present The Bear, Gabbastep’s creator and Darkstep producer The Bear from Forest Gate. Bass Bin Special enjoy.

Bones Magazine x The Intrud3rs

Download it free! its pretty fucking good!

Bones Magazine is OUT NOW

Bones Magazine is HERE!!, our horoscope say’s that we will find love through a red door. Sweet!

We’re an online magazine that gets delivered to your computer for free, all you need is iTunes or any feed client. Our magazine is a documentation of creative culture bringing you some amazing creative work from across the world. Interviews, illustration, design and commentaries on creativity.

Each issue has 3 parts PDF, Video & Audio.

The first issue is the obsession issue.

Video Podcast By Studio Seen
Audio Podcast By Robin Porter


Subcribe to Bones Magazine via iTunes

Download by clicking the links on the site

Download by clicking the links on the site

& Max


Right i’ve been quite convinced that we’re in the future, just go and have look, i’ve got my midi shoes on, conected by wifi, i can controll the internet with a little tango. Recent advances with tech have lead to techniques that were unimaginable two weeks ago, nintendo have created the future of music and this show that the individual is now able to actually conntect with electronic music as never before and individuals are creating thinks that look like the start of something amazing, i reckons we’ll have a few more genre’s coming out of the techno bubble around idm.

Please have a look at this its the future!



I am speechless, if this isn’t the future then i’ll od of food pills. Nintendo DS based wifi midi controller!, you could do this on a sega master system. 0xtob and TheRain have got the ball rolling with the future of music. Its amazing, they’ve made the software that makes me want a DS, something that nintendo have failed in. Download it and ‘Nintendo – Send them money’, loads and loads of money! check the video. It’ll explain everything. But my tipster has leaked information about the next release.

Features WILL included.

A small, caged clone of Les Dennis

21-Gun slaute

A medium sized, free-range clone of the ugly one out of Autechre

Nude Only Feature, Make train journies fun by making fellow commuters feel uncomfortable. More detail to follow.

Witty DJ speak generator.

Send Them Money!!!

They invented the future!

Now that the one to wait for!!!!!