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Bones Magazine x The Intrud3rs

Download it free! its pretty fucking good!


The All Seeing Fly

_1, originally uploaded by tguzzle.

Image for ‘The All Seeing Fly’ night in leeds. they wanted vectors they bloody got vectors! also to be used on promo cd’s. more soon

Great graphic design vid


If only i could work as fast as this guy!

String theory: Is it science’s ultimate dead end?

The most ambitious idea ever outlined by scientists has suffered a remarkable setback. It has been dismissed as a theoretical cul-de-sac that has wasted the academic lives of hundreds of the world’s cleverest men and women. Check it!

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Alex Kanevsky

Hi, Good weekend? na, thats a bloody shame init?!
to cheer you up… my current favourite artist, amazing. Go and have a proper look Alex’s brush work is stunning.

Alex Kanevsky

Pirates are loyal to None

Pirates are loyal to None, originally uploaded by tguzzle.


Toiletboy, spainish promo materials
A little while after Filth Fm.


The Lines

3, originally uploaded by tguzzle.

experiments in illustrator